1. How do I download the digital images I purchased?

Select My Pictures from the My Account menu. On the left-hand side, you can select which albums you are looking for. On the right, all purchased images will be available for download. Click on the link to download individual pictures or the link to download all in a zip file. Zip files will need to be extracted to have the full-sized images

2. What does it mean that I need to "check my cropping"?

Once placed, orders are uploaded directly to the lab machines for production. Checking your crops means that the sheets and products should look exactly as you'd like them to arrive to you. If your child's head is being cut off at the top of the picture, that is how it will print.

If using a computer, you have many tools available, allowing you to move pictures around within the frame, zoom in and rotate, so that you can make sure it prints as you like. If on the mobile app, we suggest contacting us at help@schoolhousepictures.com prior to checking out. Our help desk can go into your cart and update the items prior to the order being finalized.

3. When and how will my items ship?

Orders are not processed on weekends or holidays. Orders are typically produced within 24 hours on a standard work day. Prints ship separately from products, all included in our $4.99 shipping. Once orders are shipped, no changes can be made.

Orders ship using UPS Mail Innovations. UPS Mail Innovations packages are picked up by UPS from our lab and delivered to a local (to you) USPS facility. Once USPS receives the package, it is delivered to you as regular mail. We have tracking information only while UPS has the package, USPS does not update tracking until it's been delivered.

4. I did not receive the link to my child's album- what should I do?

Schools provide the primary email address they have on file for a student. Sometimes that is not up-to-date, so emails may have been sent to an older email address.

Sometimes our emails are sent to SPAM folders, or even blocked by a Firewall. If you are unable to locate the link, please reach out to help@schoolhousepictures.com, with child's name and school, and you will be sent the direct link in the reply.

5. How do I unsubscribe from emails?

When logged into your account, go to Account settings under the My Account menu. You will see Communication on the right-hand side that will allow you to turn off communication for individual albums and all albums.

You may also reply to any of the emails with UNSUBSCRIBE as the subject.